Lumikha by Faye is on a mission to make sustainable fashion accessible through the art of upcycling and vintage clothing.


I was Revive. Revive started back in 2018, when I shared my sustainable fashion journey to the world through upcycling workshops. Upcycling is the art of repurposing something old to something new. This art form can save clothes from entering the landfill.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans are sending textiles to landfills at a skyrocketing rate. The Council for Textile Recycling states that the average consumer disposes of 70 pounds of textiles per person per year. With more than 328 million people in the United States, the amount of textiles accumulating in the landfill can be up to 22B. 


I am Lumikha. As I continue my journey into sustainable fashion, I've started to explore representation and accessibility within the industry and how my Filipino heritage intertwines with sustainability. 


In Tagalog, Lumikha means to create. In this next chapter of my journey, I envision creating more accessibility and representation through sustainable fashion. This will be done, through vintage clothing, upcycled garments and of course, what started it all, upcycling workshops. This is Lumikha by Faye and let's make sustainable fashion accessible for all. 


With Love,